Indivisible: A Brand New Game With An Old School Feel

Recently I have struggled to find games that really connect with me. I purchased Dead Or Alive 6, Soul Caliber and a host of other games only to find that I just could not get into them, in the end I merely played them for the sake of it. Even with games like Neir and Persona 5 I had to slog through the first couple of hours before my addiction was in full swing. Indivisible is not one of those games, right off the bat I was pleasantly hooked.

Aesthetically the game is bloody gorgeous. Indivisible was built on Lab Zero’s Z-Engine, this make it look like your playing a cartoon because it’s fluid fun and colorful. To further expand on this world Studio Trigger have animated the opening and several key scenes throughout the game. Not only that but the game has a fantastic sound track that never feels boring and if that was not enough they also boast a stellar voice cast that includes several industry greats including the man himself Matt Mercer.

But all this is just the skin deep aesthetics what you guys really want to know about is game play. I absolutely loved the game play. It is unusual and intuitive. When your running through the levels everything just comes naturally. Meanwhile the combat system see’s your team of 4 people fight in a very fluid style which is almost like a the logical progression to classic 2D RPG’s. The combat system see’s each character controlled by one of the face buttons on your controller and every time their combat pip is filled they can attack, as the game progresses they gain new abilities and also the ability to perform multiple attacks and juggles. It is a very simple system, but like a blade it has limitless applications. 

The game see’s you take on the role of Ajna a young warrior who returns home one day to find her village under attack by a mysterious enemy. Soon our young hero discovers that she has the ability to absorb other people, gaining their abilities and letting her summon them when she is in dire need of assistance. This is an interesting mechanic because:

  • It stops the screen being overcrowded with characters as between fights you only ever really see Ajna

  • It also stops you having to travel to another location to swap team mates out

  • And it lets you be versatile with team composition on the fly.

As protagonists go it easy to just adore Ajna. She is an impulsive and endearing hero, someone any of us would want to hang out with. Not only that but she is not a traditional hero in that she is a non-sexed up women who is neither White nor East Asian. Not only that but they choose to initially arm her with an Axe which is not traditionally the weapon of a hero nor one used by a women, all this gives us a unique hero. Mix that with twenty supporting characters and you will be having a lot of fun.

If you choose to play this game I will warn you it throws you right in with the action, the learning curve is steep but the save points are frequent enough that any deaths and for me there where many, wont be to annoying. Plus any deaths will just give you plenty of time to explore, because I am pretty sure that Indivisible hides many little secrets.

Finally I really loved the appeal deeper meaning this game has. With Ajna taking people into herself it both shows how friends can change us for the better and how the answers to all our problems are deep within us. It is a nice thought and one that brings me a little comfort. The best way to sum this game up is that it is a classic RPG but with a twist and if your a fa of shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender then your going to love it.


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