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Product Review: Cableguys Marvel Iron Man

A few weeks back I wrote about this product and it occurred to me that I never actually displayed any proof of use. Which in hindsight is kind of shitty and possibly a little suspicious. So just in case any of you where in doubt, here is proof that I to own a Cable Guys, Controller/phone holder. The holder has been a total life saver for me, as over the past few days I have decided for some insane reason to replay Final Fantasy X and it has been so useful to have my tablet on stand by, especially if I am trying to get all the secrets and see everything possible.

Not only that but having the ability to charge another controller is always handy, because lets face it, you can never too many chargers on hand and seriously who better to watch over your gear while its charging than Iron Man himself?

As size goes it is big enough to hold your controller but it never crosses the line and becomes ostentatious. Though if Iron Man is not your thing do not fret because you have plenty of options with Groot, Crash, Ryu and Darth Vader to name but a few. It is a high quality product that will make your life so much easier, plus it does look pretty badass, so what more do you want?

If you are looking one yourself, then check out the link here.

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