The Doubleclicks Rock Out At Worldcon

Time for some showing off. In my lifetime I have seen a lot of bands live and my top 10 live acts (in no particular order) are The Who, ACDC, Rodriguez, Bryan Adams, Haim, The Prodigy, Muse,The Frames, Fight Like Apes and now The Doubleclicks – Sorry Taylor Swift your out of the top 10. I saw the Doubleclicks years ago but in the past few years they have become quite the performers plus they are a band that any nerd worth their salt needs to say live.

There are only two things you need to enjoy a Doubleclicks gig 

  1. Two Ears

  2. And and Open Heart

The musical siblings are from a creative family and it shows in their tunes. Aubrey Turner and Laser Malena-Webber are not only funny they are also pioneers of Nerd Folk and everything that goes with it. Their music is not only hilarious, but it is smart, witty, adorable and full of love.

I had the great pleasure of seeing them at one of their performances at World Con and it was one hell of a show. Before I get into my thoughts on the gig I will say this that they not only played with Jet Lag one of the pair was a little under the weather but being siblings they looked out for each other and that is fucking beautiful.

Kicking off the show with This Is My Jam Cats At Parties was inspired, they managed to have the majority of the crowd dancing along to Cats At Parties – which is difficult because well I am not one for such things – yet by the end of the song they had melted my cold bitter heart.

Of course the show was not all laughs they even got pretty serious with songs like Panic and sensitive badass – both of which break my heart in a good way. And it goes without saying that not only did they play a few songs off their excellent new album – The Book Was Better but they brought back some of their classics like Dimetrodon, Tabletop and Oh, Mr. Darcy. 

They really do adore their fans and their natural charms keeps the shows going, even if they forget the odd word, or stop because they are to busy laughing. They really are amazing duo – a dynamic one if you will, Honestly I was having a pretty crappy day then they managed to make me smile all the while reminding me that other people have their own views and opinions too, which is the beauty of their music. (Though my gf who is currently in a different time zone was not happy to be woken up by me sending her the video for “Love You Like A Burrito”)

Plus to make things even more epic they also had a great selection of Merch for their fans.

So in closing – I really cannot wait to see them again.

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