Conan Is Going To Greenland

Truly this is a strange world that we all live in. Just to remind everyone that as the Amazon rain forest burns we are more concerned about how the President Of The United States wants to purchase Greenland. Of course there is a cynical part of me that thinks this is all to distract us from bigger issues, but saying that makes me sound crazy – straightens my tinfoil hat. In honor of this attempt to purchase a massive piece of property Conan has teamed up with the infamous Property Brothers to get their feedback on Greenland.

But it does not just stop there, Conan is going to Greenland too. That’s right folks right Conan without borders is going to add Greenland to their list. If you have never seen if before you are going to love without borders. Previous episodes have seen him in Japan, South Korea, Mexico,Italy, Armenia and Germany so Greenland will be an interesting addition to their list.

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