Check Out The First Time Luke Met Han

For me it is hard to imagine a time before Star Wars. I have been lucky to have had it my whole life and I came of age just when the originals got rereleased, I was young enough to enjoy the prequels and old enough to really appreciate the full series. So imagining a time before Star Wars just blows my mind. I guess that is why me and so many others have latched onto this video of Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford doing an early reading for A New Hope.

To help clarify things, Mark Hamill, ever the gentleman had this to say.

I cannot fathom what they felt going into this, especially since they had no idea what the film was like. With a few minor differences in dialogue you can see that some changes where necessary but at its ore the original film was still there. Watching this clip it is hard to imagine that Star Wars would have become the world wide phenomenon that it is, but there you go, I guess every journey does start with one step.

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