Conan Kicks Off SDCC 2019

For five years Conan has been an integral part of San Diego Comic-Con. For Five years he has brought us laughs and showed us the weird side of his guests. Each year he strives to bring us something a little different but one thing they all have in common is that he always has a fantastic intro. 2019 would be no exception. In the past he has made fun of Mad Max and Game Of Thrones, 2019 would see him go after into the Into The Spiderverse with his own similar take. In this new Conan origin story it shows how he received his amazing hair and how instead of fighting crime he hosts a talk show. To make it even funnier they re-imagined Andy, his long time side kick, as the King Pin. It really is worth a watch.

The laughs didn’t end there either. Conan then when on to do one of his old favorites the audition tapes. This is the skit where has has a host of random celebrities “audition” for an upcoming role. This time round it’s Indiana Jones and as per usual it is hilarious.

My final thoughts are, I wish I was back there, sadly not this year and maybe not for a long time.

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