The Doubleclicks Are Coming To Ireland

This is a group that I have been a fan of for a long time. So dear readers cast your memories back to 2012, we where waiting on the end of Marvel Phase 1, Obama would go onto be reelected and I was going to my first Comic-Con. At this point it had not yet dawned on me how big this would be but I got my first taste of it on my very first night in San Diego when I went to Woot Stock. This is gathering to of generally fun people who do very odd but but entertaining performances of music, talks and comedy. One of my absolute highlights where the Doubleclicks.

The Doubleclicks will be for many of you like nothing you have ever seen before. They are a nerd-folk musical duo from beautiful Portland, Oregon, consisting of siblings Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner. Originally they would perform music that would be easily described as Nerdy but they have since moved on to also sing about other social issues, and more personal themes.

Their music for me ranges from fun and charming to delightfully down to earth yet still deep. They are highly underrated and in general two very lovely people so if you are a fan or would like to be and live in Ireland or certain other parts of Europe then check them out here:

DUBLIN, IRELAND @ Worldcon – August 15-18

Edinburgh, Scotland @ Fringe

LEEDS, ENGLAND @ Geek Retreat – August 22, 19:00

LONDON, ENGLAND @ Horse & Stables – August 24 & 25 with Helen Arney

FRANKFURT, GERMANY @ Cowhide House Concerts – August 27

MUNICH, GERMANY @ The Item Shop – August 28, 20:30

If you are now a fan and like myself want to continue to support them, then check out there Patreon here.


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