Renault Finally Helps Us End The D&D Cartoon

As a kid I used to love Dungeons and Dragons. Even though the show had long since ended, in the mid 90’s you could still find some channels who where showing it as reruns. For me it was Nickelodeon, and most week days over the summer I would ditch my friends to have “Lunch” which meant go watch this short lived cartoon. Watching 2 episodes a day it never took me long to burn through the existing 27 episodes and sadly I was never given a satisfying ending, yet now I have one – sort of.

So it turns out the series was and still is popular in Brazil, popular enough that Renault Brazil used it to create an advertisement showing how they think the show should end. If you do not remember the show it followed a group of kids sucked into the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons here they are armed with magical weapons and sent on a  quest to defeat great evil and escape home.

The problem is they never got home, but now we finally have an ending. The short see’s our young heroes take on the dark sorcerer Venger and the now iconic Tiamat. Before all hope is lost the Dungeon Master shows up and gives the kids a way home, a Kiwi Outsider. It is an interesting way to end the series and sadly not cannon – the actual ending is on the head writers website, but you know what this I will take and to me it is cannon.

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