Is Rambo Returns A Good Idea?

Before we get into this, I will say this – I am excited for this film, just one aspect of it has me worried?

Honestly I assumed Rambo was over and done with, then the 4th film in the franchise came out. There was something strangely satisfying about seeing a child molester being cut in half, that made me think F**K Rambo is still a badass. Then Stalone came out with the expendables and my love for old school action films was in full swing. I do not think I will ever grow tired of them.

We have seen Rambo take on a small town police department, infiltrate Vietnam, fight along side the Mujahideen and then free American missionaries from the SPDC. So what’s next, well Rambo is going to fight the Mexican Cartel’s, I guess this is the logical step. According to the plot Rambo will be going to cross the Mexican border to rescue the daughter of a kidnapped friend. All I can say is, these guys wont know what hit them.

This film is interesting because the first Rambo asked a serious question about Americas treatment of its veterans, while the 2nd and 3rd where more of less cold war propaganda. the forth was an excellent way to end the series with John coming to grips with what he is, but this fifth film comes as a decisive time in American politics. A time where there is a lot of hate for Mexico and I am wondering is this really a good idea?

Will this film run this risk of stoking anger, or is this a strategic move by the team behind it to get easy views?


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