Jon Favreau Is Cooking Up A Storm On Netflix

If you watched Chef and did not enjoy it then you are absolutely dead inside. I do enjoy my food and if you will indulge me I am about to divert off topic for a brief minute. I remember listening to a BBC Radio 4 program on Persian food and how meals and culture live on with the families that fled Iran in the 1970’s. It shows how food is important to us. As a proud Irish Man there are few things in life I will find more comforting on a cold night than Champ (with butter on top) and some nice fresh sausages. Food is culture, food is art and food is love. I dearly love cooking a meal for my friends and just sitting chatting throughout it. What can I say I do love food.

Which is why the Chef Show seems to appeal to me. This show see’s Jon Favreau cook with his mentor, a few celeb chefs and even some of the MCU cats to bring us a unique and wonderful show. It is an unusual but brilliant choice by Netflix and one that might surprise us all with it’s warm and infectious idea.

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