Stop Everything D.Va Just Got A New Skin

Have you ever seen that episode of the Simpsons where Lisa made her own doll, one that was not sexist and at the end of the episode you see the doll crazed fans, including Smithers, going crazy for the new Malibu Stacey doll – because it’s got a new hat, well that’s how I feel about every new D.Va skin. Each time a new one comes out I just have to have it. As many of you will know it has been way to long since we got a new skin and this particular new one is epic – one that the fans have been demanding for a while.

The Academy D.Va skin. Hana Song is aiming to raise her GPA and it is up to the players to help her do so. Her new skin see’s her in an adorable uniform with big glasses, pink skirt and a navy blazer. What I just love about this is that they never sexualised it, she just looks the perfect mix of dorky and adorable.

It’s hard to believe it but Overwatch has been out for three years now and this skin has been brought out to help celebrate this Anniversary. Not only that but as of the 21st of this month players will have the opportunity to replay favorite holiday game modes such as Junkensteinโ€™s Revenge. There will also be a lot of other goodies to be released for this event. So keep your eyes pealed.ย 

Also if you are a fan of Academy D.Va then check out Pixie Late as she has been cosplaying this look for a long time.


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