A Retrospective Look At The Avengers Posters

It’s almost time for End Game. As it stands the franchise consists of 21 (soon to be 22) films, 11 Tv series, 1 failed spin off series, 5 one shots, 2 web series and a host comic books, I think it is safe to say that as a whole it has been a success. With each phase of films Marvel makes massive changes and each phase always contains one Avengers movie to act as a crescendo to all the films previous. So far we have 2 definite hits and 1 that proved to be a little controversial. Still each film came out with a kick-ass poster to signal its imminent arrival to our world. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to go and look back on previous Avengers Posters.

The Avengers

The first and most basic, back when RDJ was the biggest star in the franchise. Looking back it is easy to forget how new to the scene all these actors where. Thor came from Australia’s dancing with the stars, Chris Evans was in a string of mediocre films, Mark Ruffalo was the guy from just like heaven, Jeremy Renner was in a Pink video and the only other two actors of note where Sam Jackson and Scarlett Johansson – both in the background. This really shows because Iron Man is the focus of this poster. Any dead space is being used to tease the impending Alien invasion and actually shows that Stark Tower will be a major plot point – spoiler much. The poster uses a lot of blue which does remind me of the Tesseract which I guess makes sense.

Age Of Ultron

Onto our second Avengers film and things are a little different everyone’ else forming up on Captain America which helps signify how important he has now become to the franchise. Looking back it was easy to miss that they teased Vision coming into the franchise and like the previous shot there was no clearly defined villain here, though we knew who it was. I do like the look of this one because it almost has our team at the eye of a storm ready to save the world at all costs, with a sneaky Sam Jackson thrown in for good luck. Where the last one was blue with is grey and silver making me think of metal and the machine men they will be battling soon.

Infinity War

The first time we have a villain on an Avengers Poster and this guy has top billing. This poster teased us Hulk but in the end we got none of that, though is doe not disappoint on sheer volume of characters. It reminds me of the work by Drew Struzan. It is grand and only really uses things we knew before we saw the film such as Bucky getting a second arm, The forge where Thor built Stormbreaker and the Iron Spider armour. The heavy shades of red and orange which can relate to War and Blaance, two themes this film will have running through it.

End Game

For once I am going to start with the color, this one is heavy on the purple. Purple which makes us think of Thanos and which symbolizes the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. This to be shows a sense of acceptance that they could die but they need to face the threat ahead. The majority of the characters are looking up to the threats ahead of them, Thor looks forward maybe to his future as king while Okoye looks at her weapon almost praying to it. 

It is interesting to see that everyone is in their own costumes yet in the trailer we know that they will all eventually get matching gear. It is worth pointing out that Mark was unhappy at his lack of suiting up …

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