This Fan Film Is The Best Depiction Of Darth Vader Ever

Darth Vader is one of cinemas most interesting characters. The character is a walking tragedy and a warning against hubris. Think about it, he goes from this adorable kid, who is a supposed chose one, fated to bring balance and becomes a monster who does bring balance, just not in the way everyone thought. What makes him so compelling, at least to me, is that it’s his anger and pain that fuels him, that drives him on. What a lot of people do not know about Vader is that he is in constant pain, the suit he wears to keep him alive is designed to hurt him and be purposely insufficient. Not only that but the fact that he failed in saving the one person he loved continues to hurt him, he turned to the Dark Side to save his wife, yet it was his turning that would ultimately lead to her death. He is a bitter, broken, angry, resentful man and most of that anger is turned on himself though every now and again we get a brief glimmer of that anger being aimed at the right person.

This fan film opens with Vader imagining taking his revenge against the Emperor. Vader is no idiot and he has to know that the reason life is so shit is because he got lumped in with the Emperor. I think we have all been there, where we have made a terrible decision but for some reason we just keep doubling down on this terrible idea. 

The Vader this films shows us is a mixture of Rogue One, Revenge of the Sith and Return of The Jedi, he is powerful, emotional and deadly all at once, but at the core of it all he is vulnerable. It is that vulnerability that truly defines the Sith, in Star wars Canon the greatest of their kind all have one thing that drives them, this is what makes them vulnerable in their own unique ways and for Vader that is the love for his dead wife.

For a fan film the quality is impressive, the story telling is beautiful in it’s own right and there where plenty of little Easter eggs to keep keen eyes fans interested. Among these teases where the correct sound effects, a Wilhelm scream and to top this off the costumes where really impressive. If you are a Star Wars fan you really need to watch this short.



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