Immersive Battle Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I have been running my own Dungeons and Dragons campaign for approximately 5 months now and believe me it is stressful. You are probably wondering how a game can be stressful?

Well being a Dungeon Master is like writing a book, one where you know what the characters are supposed to do, but 50% of the time they do what ever they want. A good example of this would be in the second campaign my group ever played in, this is when I was a player and not running the game. At this point we where in a small town that was being terrorized by some thugs, we did not have to do anything about the thugs, but for some reason decided that going into their bar and trailing them out into the streets to kill them in front of the local towns folk was a good idea, we then proceeded to burn the bar down. At this point I should point out that they had hurt some kids and kidnapped an entire family, so we where kind of the good guys.

The point I am making is our DM was not expecting this and to improvise everything on the fly. Even in the last session that I was running one of the players in my group decided he wanted to go off and seduce a noble women, fun fact he rolled a 20 and is not an expecting father (though does not know that yet). I had no maps prepared for this encounter and had to reply on theater of the mind, its fine but it is not perfect. That is why I am so drawn to this Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is being used to fund a huge book filled with details Battle Maps.

The book contains a huge variety of maps that will cover you for piratically any situation, maybe you want to besiege a castle, capture a pirate ship or get into a good old fashioned tavern brawl this book will have you covered. Not only are the maps varied but the book gives you options to customize and improve upon the scenario’s.

I would not be boasting about this product if I was not willing to back it, so yes I think this one is a great idea, especially since it lets you set things up on the fly and will svae me from having to get even more massive print outs for my DND matches,


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