We Just Got A New X-Men Trailer

After the mediocrity that was X-MEN Apocalypse and the ok first trailer for Dark Phoenix I honestly did not really care much about this movie, but honestly I am now starting to get some good feelings about it. It really seems like they are going darker, which almost seems thematically correct, though going in I am still trepidatious. 

I will start with the cons first:

  1. I am still not 100% sold on this current cast. Do not get me wrong all the hold overs from X-Men first class are fantastic, bar one exception, it is just the newest members that came in during X-Men Apocalypse.

  2. Does J Law even care anymore? Like the rest of this world I do adore her and think she is fantastic but it seems like she is near done with the character. I think the issue was in her earlier installments she was just to good, plus the new look has not won me over.

  3. To much CGI. CGI can be great when used seamlessly but when it is over the top it kind of taints everything else, which is what worries me here.

  4. Can this complex story arc be covered in one film, a story arc that fox have already failed at.

Now the Pros

  1. The reshoots seem to have been effective. Everyone always complains about reshoots but if something does not work it is best that the studio fixes it.

  2. This is their last film so Fox an dthe team behind X-Men may want to go out with a bang, especially if there are still details for Disney merger to be announced.

  3. Jessica Chastain, THAT MY REASON

  4. The scene where Magento takes control of several machine guns looks just awesome.

This is a franchise with more ups and downs than the average Roller Coaster and honestly with the release of this latest trailer it looks like the newest addition to the X-Men family will at least aim for the middle if not higher.

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