Persona 5 Goes Live Action

I am a Persona 5 fanatic, while in Japan this year I managed to squeeze in visits to several of the locations from Persona 5, not only that but I spent way to much on merchandise when I was in Japan.  The game has become a world wide phenomenon inspiring art and cosplayer’s from around the world, it was not going to be long before someone decided to do their own short film based on the game. 

I am no stranger to this Youtube channel, if you have not seen any of their videos then I highly recommend you check them out. In their latest video they kind of recreate one of the moments from Persona 5. This is one of the first times your team sneaks into Kamoshida’s palace. The video is utterly inspired and really worth a quick watch. The costumes are on point and what they got to fill in for Mona really made my day.

If you are a fan then you can also check out there behind the scenes video, these guys really are an epic talent and I hope you all go and follow their channel.

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