Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown

I really do love a good cross over, who doesn’t want to see two of their favorite teams or heroes team up to defeat an all powerful villain?

Crossovers when done right are just awesome!

That is why when I first came across this little video on Youtube my inner child lost his shit. If you have not realized it yet the short film see’s a collection of Power Rangers, including Tommy (played by the legendary Jason David Frank) team up with Ryu and Chun-Li to take down a super powered M Bison in one epic battle.

The video is completely over the top and campy in all the right ways, but it pokes fun at its source material and this helps make it all the more awesome. I dare say that this short is better than both the Street Fighter and Power Rangers films that I grew up with, which kind of sucked. If you have a few minutes to kill just watch and enjoy, though you my want to watch it again and again afterwards, I think it will be hard to get enough of this one.


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