This Avatar Fan Film Looks Epic

Let’s face it the translation of Avatar The Last AIrbender from television to film was sub power. It missed the mark on so many levels and left the fandom in disarray, though this did lead to the existence of Korra, which helps ease our pain. Now it’s 2018 and we are hearing talks of a new live action Avatar series, one that may help further redeem The Last Airbender in the public eye, well if you are wondering what that could possibly look like, then check out whatΒ RE:ANIMEΒ are up too.

This Youtube channel are a new discovery to me but their work looks awesome. They have seriously captured the look and feel of what Avatar:The Last Airbender is supposed to be and in their upcoming video they will be recreating at least one iconic scene from the series. From what I can tell it will be the infamous battle between Zuko and Azula.

The original scene pits the Prince and Princess of the Fire Nation against each other in a epic fight for supremacy. Its highly charged and incredibly emotional, probably one of the best of the original series and on power with some of the more technical fights from The Legend Of Korra.

I know we have not seen the film yet but right off the bat casting is great, Their Zuko looks the part is wearing the right clothes and the scar looks just as brutal as it did in the original series.

Their Katara is thankfully not white and again looks the part.

As much as the other two where great choices for this film it’s hard to top their choice for Azula. Just from the photo we can see a certain under lying intensity and of course resting bitch face, which are the two things you know Azula has.

I am glad we now live in an era where fans can create their own works of art to help their beloved franchises go on and this one just looks so good, I cannot wait till I see it.


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