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VampBlade Season 3 No 6

This is a series that I am completely new too and yet I am already hooked. Vampblade follows Katie. While working at a comic book store, Katie was one day forced to grab two Vampblades, which she assumed where replicas, to defend herself from criminals who had just killer her boss. Within moments of grabbing these blades she began to transform into her new form. Swiftly defeating her assailants she took the name of a 1990s local indie bad girl comic that she loved and choose the name Vampblade for herself.

The whole series is a love to series like Witchblade and Fathom, which her hugely popular in the 1990’s. Though where those where overly sexual for the sake of being sexual, this series has a little fun with it and approaches it in a light hearted manner.

The issues kicks off with our heroine falling into Hell. When I say falling I literally mean falling, with few options she bides her time until she hits a shit and blood infested rock bottom. Ye this book seems like it’s been built to offend…

As helpless as she first appears our heroine quickly rises to the challenge of facing demons and it goes from violent to hilarious and back again in such a short space of time. If you want something that does not take itself too seriously then this will be the book for you. On the surface it appears to be a sexualisation of women, but if you dig in you can see that the book depicts a strong female lead and lampoons overly sexual comics all at once, yes I will be reading more of this one.


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