Deerstalker Pictures Bring Us Magical Girl D.Va

I came across this one by complete accident and it is just pure fun. The basic premise is a re-imagining of everyone’s favorite Mecha pilot in the magical girl trope. Created by Deerstalker Pictures this awesome and unique picture had me instantly converted to subscriber. Really check out their channel, it is loaded with is much brilliant material, it really is worth swinging by. . 

The short see’s  Hana Song’s on her first day at the Overwatch Academy. Rushing to get in on time she encounters a few unexpected incidents along the way, luckily things are about to get magical. A nice touch was the casting of Vina as D.Va  she really captured what people love about the kick-ass Korean gamer, sweet, sassy, a little sultry and all nerdy rapped into one deadly lady.

The best way I could sell this is its like is Sailor Moon and Overwatch had a very delightfully dorky baby.

If you enjoyed this check out there Patreon, because their is more to come !

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