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Kaboom Presents RUINWORLD #1

I love stories about quests, God knows I love going on quests, I love mythology and I love fun, RUINWORLD, combines all of these into one delightful romp. RUINWORLD is the latest tale from KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, its all ages story that any Adventure Time fans will be excited to read.

RUINWORLD see’s the intrepid yet ill equipped adventurers Pogo and Rex on a quest for glory and riches. On the way they discover a special map that will make all their dreams come true, there is just one slight problem, they’ve already lost the map!

On the way they will face off againstcGiant Spiders, Dimensional Demons, Bitter Rivals and their own incompetence, but somehow these two will survive.

I just loved this book, at its heart it was just so much fun and lord knows that is what I need in my life. In fact what I loved about this story is I could easily sit down with my nephew and read it and we would both laugh at it. RUINWORLD, is good clean fun. Might I also add in, this kind of fun is very hard to pull off, but RUINWORLD does it exceptionally well.

Not only is the book fun but within one issue it has already begun to build this fantastical and magical world and it does this with limited exposition, instead using other story telling methods to drive the plot.

The icing on this delectable cake is that the art is gorgeous. Writer/Artist Derek Laufman (Adventure Time Comics) has created something of his own that just sucks you in. Its vivid beautiful and perfect in its delivery, I honestly cannot wait till the next issue comes out. 



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