I Had A Religious Experience Seeing Conan O’Brien at Comic-Con

Sit down my unconverted friends and listen to the tale of how I became a Conanite.

What is a Conanite, well we are those who choose to follow in the foot steps of Conan O’Brien.

I know this one is going to sound absolutely bonkers, but it’s true. San Diego Comic-Con is the home of nerdom from across the globe and yes it has gone a little too corporate in past years, but people forget that if not for this then they wouldn’t have all the awesomeness that it has today, like when Amazon and NBC set up across the road from the convention center, or when Wired have their now infamous cafe, the IMDB boat and so much more, the point I am trying to make is that all the increased corporate interest have made SDCC into the juggernaut that it is today and helped give it the unique flavour that is SDCC.

One of the more interesting additions to SDCC in recent years is Conan’s takeover of the gorgeous Spreckles Theater.

Now how does Conan give me an almost religious experience, thus turning me into a Conanite?

To begin with, there is the build up. In the days leading up to his arrival you get a variety of signs, the first is his Youtube videos. Each year he usually pays homage to some major nerdy property, sometimes these are massive over the top displays, other times they are just a little silly fun, either way his presence is announced.

Seconds are the signs and unlike other religions Conan does not waste his time with vague signs these are in your face and obvious and while in San Diego they are impossible to miss. 

All that build up would be for nothing if it was not for the show. 

First off you may be lucky enough to win the tickets or you may need to stand outside and wait all day, either way it will be worth it. When you get into Spreckles you and your fellow Conanites will be ushered to your seats and then the show begins. First off, the crowd gets warmed up, one of Team COCO comes out throwing T shirts and goodies to the crowd, bringing people on stage and telling a few jokes, then the band begins to play and the crowd really gets going. Finally, the man himself Conan O’Brien comes on to stage. He has the crowd pumped, they are laughing and enjoying themselves. He brings the crowd together and unites them in their love all things dorky. Its a truly wonderful experience and the man is a legendary entertainer.

To bolster his temple Conan does get some excellent guests, in the past he has had the cast of X-Men, Game of Thrones and this year a Breaking Bad reunion, so if you can get in, you wont be disappointed.

Of course the Conanites need their idols of worship and with Conan they have extra special rare Funko’s. I coveted one of these for so long and last year I was so happy to receive one and if my home ever burns down this is coming with me.

If your interested this year see’s the casts of “Aquaman,” “Predator,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Glass” are joining Conan.

This truly is a once in a life time experience you will be hysterics, but whats better while laughing you will be with your people. 

So yes if you can go, you should go.

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