BAND-MAID Just Dropped Their Latest Music Video

A little surprised by this one as musically this is a lot more chill than the usual fare for these ladies, but as it’s summer it just seems fitting. Start Over seems to be about a relationship in turmoil and the people involved looking for start anew. I have seen that a lot of their westerns fans where not pleased with this track, calling it pop and generic, to me that’s not really a bad thing, I think its a good thing that the band want to try something a little different. It’s a catchy tune and great to listen to while driving, so I am pleased that this one got a video and if your new to the band I highly recommend you check out Dice as its my favorite track of theirs.

P.S I cant believe I missed seeing them in person when I was staying in Shibuya, I only found out later that day that shortly before I took this picture the band where in the same location posing where I would later be standing, oh well, I guess that’s life.¬†

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