CW TV Promos (2018-2019)

The CW rounded things off at Upfronts, bringing previews of two new shows: the much discussed and slightly controversial Charmed reboot, and the highly anticipated drama All American. Both are due to air this Fall and it will be interesting to see how their pilots compare to their promos.

All American


What it’s about: What we think: The OC meets Friday Night Lights, this is a hybrid I’m okay with.  It wasn’t the best edited promo, resting on some tired tropes and lingering a little too long in certain scenes. But it showed potential. The story and the main character, at least, feels real, and could really develop into something compelling and exciting. The trailer was at its best when it was gritty and natural, instead of glossy and glamorous, and I hope the pilot focus more on that instead of the latter.

Excitement factor: 4/5



What it’s about: What we think: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m of the opinion that a Charmed reboot does not need to happen but I decided to keep an open mind. If anyone could do it right, CW could. Honestly, I expected good things. I did not get good things, or even okay things. The whole promo felt like it was done by the Disney channel for a target audience of under 14s. And if that’s what they aiming for, they succeeded. But the rest of us may feel a little underwhelmed. The original Charmed left such a fantastic and rich legacy that a reboot could delve into but it seems as if it’s been ignored to create this. Hopefully the pilot will deliver a better and more exciting show that was previewed here.  

Excitement factor: 2/5

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