Belfast Tabletop Convention 2018

With the tag line of – “Do you like Games, Beer and Prizes?”

Who could resist this great grassroots convention, I say grassroots but I predict by next year this convention will be a full blown con. 

Situated in the Blackbox, one of the cities best bars, this was a fun day with a massive selection of board games and what made it better was that all staff on hand where willing to step in and show you how to play any of the games. It was a fun relaxing atmosphere and what made it better was that it had a full stocked bar within a few meters from the games, what else do you need in life?

For the competitive sort they had a plethora or competitions going on throughout the day and if you don’t feel like you have the competitive bug then you could just hang with your mates, both new and old and have a fantastic day.

The convention will be going on till 11pm tonight so if you are about Belfast and want something fun to do this is well worth it.

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