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Black Panther finds himself in a difficult position on Black Jeopardy

Black Jeopardy has become quite the hit on Saturday Night Live and is a great successor to Will Farrell’s Jeopardy skit, each time it’s on we are treated to a hilarious romp. From Drake’s Black Canadian to Tom Hank’s possible Racist each guest has brought something truly unique and this time round they hit the gold (or Vibranium) mine with guest with Chadwick Bosema. Reprising his role as T’Challa, The Black Panther we get to see this super hero take on his toughest challenge yet, Black Jeopardy. The humor of having the leader of one of the worlds richest countries competing with the average Black American on a game show leads to a few culture shocks and a lot of laughs. Boseman plays the role so deadpan and the hosts reactions to what he says are priceless. Truthfully I would have loved to see T’Challa interact with Alec Baldwin’s President Trump, but that would have been to obvious and the jokes would have been way to limited, this option caught everyone off guard and was far funnier.



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