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IZombie season 4 – Blue Bloody

When a rich socialite is murdered its up to Liv to step into her shoes and solve the case, meanwhile Major is having trouble in his role as a peace keeper and away from work Clive is struggling to make his current relationship work.Unfortunately for Liv she spends most of this episode being a massive bitch as she is forced to eat the brain of the rich socialite women who was murdered. Of course for us having her go all rich bitch was just to funny, from yelling at the help, to using Clive as a chauffeur and then using Major for some not so well behaved deeds, this has been one of Liv’s most corrupting personalities, one that really pushed her. But this episode really shows her true side where at the end she steps up and risks her life to save a little boy. For the viewer it helps show that Liv has really changed from the closed off cold distant loner she used to be and lets not forget that Pre-Liv might not have taken these risks either, so like it or not the horrific change from human to zombie has really been a positive for her.While Liv has made a lot of positive growth I feel Major has kept one foot in the past and one in the present. Its hard not to love the guy, he got cured and chose to stand by his brothers in arms by becoming a zombie again, this is a decision I can respect. He has even been given the chance to work with out of touch kids, something he is exceptionally good at. Major for all his flaws is a good man and one that works well helping others, one that will do anything to help others. Which why I feel that the military life is not for him. We can almost justify him going to confront Liv (though did he confront Ravi, or is it bros before hoes?) but when she turns round and questions what happened to him and how he would let an innocent child die then we begin to question what happened to major. This once again leads to another and possible break final break up for our unhappy couple.

Clive and Dale have hit some problems in their romance especially since they cannot safely have sex, this causes him to take some drastic measures, all the while missing out that all he needs to do is talk to her, of course he wont do this and instead goes to Ravi to get a prescription for medication to lower his sex drive, Ravi being Ravi decides to have fun with this and makes a little refrence to the 40 year old virgin when he suggests they try mutual masturbation…Even when Ravi was making us laugh he still had to melt our hearts especially how he decided to stick by Liv and help save the child, this just shows how deep his loyalty to her his and how far for her he would go.Meanwhile everyone is missing the greater threat and that is of Angus, he still believes he was trapped in hell and he is amassing a larger and larger following, he is even beginning to show kindness, but one must wonder is any of this real or is he faking in order to gain power…


The season seems to be keeping the momentum of its predecessors even with the massive shift in tone. I guess the Liv Major break up will pave the way for the new love interest that the creators teased at Comic Con last summer, one that will give us the ultimate ship name, or so they say. But I wonder what will happen to Clive and Dale and how when will everyone find out about Angus?

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