Luke Cage is coming back !

Hold onto your hats folks because Harlem’s hero is coming back on June 22nd. In his early appearances Luke was reserved and reluctant in his heroics, the noble vigilante standing up to a corrupt world. With his victory at the end of season one he gained a notable amount of fame and with that it appears he has developed an ego, because the Luke Cage that we see in this trailer is not that solemn bartender from the first season of Jessica Jones. We do know that villains Black Mariah and Shades are due to return, along with them Shades partner in crime Comanche (who appeared in a flashback), crime boss Bush Master and evil scientist Nightshade are all due to appear, though most will probably use their alter ego’s as opposed to their comic identities, this allows the series to maintain its realism. Luke wont be facing these threats along with both Rosario Dawson and Finn Jones reprising their roles as Claire Temple and Danny Rand respectively.

If your a massive Luke Cage fan then you should check out our visit to the Xfinity area at San Diego Comic Con last year, where they combined your favorite TV shows with delicious foods to create some wonderful treats.

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