IZombie – Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

The wait is finally over and IZombie has returned to our screens. Entering its forth and  hopefully not final season. Season three left us with several big questions all of which get answered pretty quickly in this first episode.With Seattle now ground zero for Zombie kind and the secret being let out to the world, Chase Graves has been forced to take the private military forces of  Fillmore-Graves and install martial law across the city. This includes a curfew, brain tube distribution centers, executions for Zombies that break his law, youth out reach programs and a host of other facilities that a functioning modern city needs to function. I think Chase may be in over his head here, but when it comes down to it he never wanted this and he is making the best of a bad situation. His current plan is to show the world that he wont be aggressive, unfortunately he will have a lot of opposition with this especially from anti-zombie groups such as the Dead-Enders. Strangely enough one of the biggest changes in the world of IZombie has been that since the creation of New Seattle, spurred on by the United States Government building an artificial wall around the city, the Seattle Seahawks have moved to neighboring Tacoma.

With a zombie Mayor came some semblance of stability, Peyton has stood by him and now works closely with him. But people are not happy with the new status quo and are starting to not only make attacks on Zombie but they are starting to mark the doors of suspected zombies, in a chilling nod to the real world political climate.


Some of the most obvious changes have been in the Seattle Police department there are now multiple police officers partnered with zombies including the now zombiefied Dale Bozzio, which now leaves her relationship with Clive as probably a little complicated, with very little interaction between them we can assume that maybe they have cooled things off for now. Meanwhile we quickly find out that Ravi’s cure kind of works where by it turns zombies into humans but once a month they revert back into their zombie form for approx 72 hours. I guess he is waiting to see the long lasting consequences before he tries to distribute the cure.

One of the most touching moments on Tv in 2017

Of course Blaine has begun to thrive in this new world order. On one hand he is dealing information to Graves and on the other he has turned the Scratching Post into a legitimate business where they sell high quality brains to his customers. Blaine seems to have become a Rick from Casablanca esque character, where he also now has his own high class resteraunt though he still pines for Peyton. This seasons opens with Blaine making a rare mistake he pushes one of his employs to far and causes him to rebel and free his father, Angus. Angus has now deteriated in mind and body and begun to see himself as a prophet of the Lord, where has interpreted God’s word, the only problem is that God’s words where actually Blaines complaints about not having an army.

  • There are still many questions I am wondering about:
  • What is the outside world like?
  • Will Ravi and Peyton ever get back together?
  • Will Liv and Major ever get back together?
  • What about Liv’s family?
  • Is Angus gunning for Blaine or does he even know or care about him?#
  • How does Major feel about this new world?
  • What are Graves long term intentions?




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