Ready Player 1 Pays Homage To The Past While Watching The Future

I grew up watching Spielberg and I think that most people of my age group are very thankful for what he gave us. Spielberg took me to new worlds and on so many fantastical adventures and for that I will be forever be in his debt, yes he had a few misses but there where far more hits and Ready Player One  pays tribute to that.  small part of me still wonders was Spielberg the man for this story, but hearing him speak about it shows that he has great passion for the project, passion that matches its writers, Ernest Kline, perfectly. It will not be a word for word copy of the original source material and I keep asking myself, is that so wrong? Maybe having a few surprises will be a good thing, still the visuals look mind blowing and the film looks to be taking things to a whole new level of Nerd, so ye I am still looking forward to it.

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