Sexy Dr. Ian Malcom Is Here To Warm Your Winter

If you somehow missed it over the weekend Funko managed to blow everyone’s minds with their SEXIST pop vinyl yet. One so sexy that it actually upsets the fabric of our reality. Yes that’s right Shirtless Ian Malcolm is now a collectible.

If you are unfamiliar with this glorious art work, then you obviously have not watched Jurassic Park and should leave Jeff Goldblum’s wondrous presence at once. It is no surpirse that this Funko has become a sensation, one that many fans need to have, it permeates there life, desires and dreams, in fact it is known that if you do not own this, it will eventually own you.

How you ask?

Well it’s simple, LIFE FINDS A WAY!

All we need to complete this is  Grump Sam Neil and Child twin pack but for now you can purchase both shirt on and shirtless Goldblum, lets face it we all know what you want. To have a look at the rest of the line look at the link below and hope you all love them as much as me.

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