An open letter to those campaigning against the Last Jedi

I created this site to try and look for the positives in things or at least be adjective and approach what I dislike like from a rational stand point. I am a proud nerd I have a great passion for all sorts of literature and entertainment and part of that joy comes from my love of Star Wars. I grew up with Star Wars and these films got me into RPG’s with Knights of the Old Republic, Kurosawa’s classic samurai films, John Williams, space exploration, mysticism and Science Fiction in general. These films mean a lot to me, yes I am probably considered second generation when it comes to being a fan, but for the majority of my 30 plus years on this rock of ours, I have been a fan. So anyone who wants to play the I was there from the start card can go and fuck themselves, I have been there from my start, I have taken abuse from bullies, I have wore the Halloween costumes, I have read the comics, hell I have even watched the Ewok Movies, do not challenge me on this.

So now that I have hopefully proven my nerd cred, at least when it comes to Star Wars. Now to my point I have this to say, to the so called fans that are petitioning to have ‘The Last Jedi” stricken from canon, please for the love of God rethink this decision. I know a lot of you are displeased with the Fates of Luke and Snoke, I know you all expected some epic final duel like in the Empire Strikes back, but every time we have a new Star Wars film we get a fan backlash:

  • The Empires Strikes back: Fans at first hated the tone
  • Return of the Jedi: Fans hated the Ewoks
  • Phantom Menace: Jar Jar… and so much more
  • The Clone Wars: More politics, convoluted plot to much CGI, the films ant sand sentiment
  • The Revenge of the Sith: The bastardization of General Grievous among other continuous problems
  • The Clone Wars film – Lets face it we all hated Ahsoka, Stinky and well the general Tone
  • The Force Awakens – Fans said it was to much like the Original
  • Rogue One – All the edits

All I am saying is give it time, let the film settle in and maybe re-watch it. Take some information into context, its a stunning film to look at if you don’t mind me saying.

So why all the Hate?

  1. Was it the fact that things did not go the way you thought?
  2. Lea’s use of the force?
  3. The casino sub plot?
  4. Luke’s brief turn to darkness?
  5. Luke’s eventual fate?
  6. The humor?
  7. Deus ex BB8?
  8. The Porg’s?
  9. Rey’s possible lineage?
  10. Or some other slight?

I don’t know why but part of me is happy that I was wrong about many of these things. I am glad that the film kept me guessing and I am glad it never went the way I assumed it would. Yes there are somethings that bothered me and I will discuss them at length in a future article. But in the end this is just a movie, please don’t go out and start protesting over it, this wont make you feel better and the fact that in some ratings its doing worse than Phantom Menace should make anyone kind of suspicious. Do not trust rotten tomatoes or IMDB, trust your feelings, look at this from an unbiased stand point and if you really hate it, do not worry, there will always be more Star Wars. But before you go any further have a look at the image below and in the end MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.


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