Comics/Graphic Novels

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

One of Dc’s greatest strong points is the Elseworld publications, these are the alternate realities, the what if scenarios, the bonkers and out there material. Gotham by Gaslight is one such story, set in 1889, the original followed a young Bruce Wayne who after spending some time exploring Europe chose to become Batman and bring Justice to Gotham, which eventually leads him into a confrontation with none other than Jack the Ripper himself. Through the course of the investigation suspicion eventually falls on Bruce Wayne and this leads the Batman into one of the most dangerous situations that he will ever face in any timeline. With gorgeous animation and amazing cast that includes Bruce Greenwood (Young Justice, The New Star Trek Films and Gerald’s Game) and Jennifer Carpenter ( Dexter and Limitless) this seems like a real return to form for the Dc animation department.

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