My thoughts on the possible Original Mercy Design

I saw the possible designs for the original Mercy come up online a few days a go and some of the comments about him have kinda pissed me off. Ok I said comments but I meant comment, it was over the suit not looking manly, part of me died inside when I read that. Honestly I dont see anything wrong with this outfit, in fact dude looks like a beast and I think if Overwatch wanted to add another healer into the series maybe one who uses an older version of the Valkyrie suit, maybe one less refined so he has a slightly different power set than Mercy’s. I am unsure why they changed to the current design though being a huge fan of the current one as player and as perv, I honestly have no complaints, but as a player I would like to see more support characters and since this guy has had such a positive reaction hopefully Blizzard may toy around with bringing him back into the fold.

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