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Hot Topic tempt us with their ‘Justice League’ Jacket Collection

Just as with Suicide Squad Hot Topic are treating DC fans to some stylish new looks for late Autumn, early Winter. With designs inspired by the Justice League movie these Jackets will not disappoint those who wants to sport the dark broody superhero look. The Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg styles are available to order now and a Batman and Flash options coming soon.

At first I honestly thought this was subtle, a faux leather biker jacket with a touch of gold to it, then WHAMMY you see the back and its most definitely a wonder women jacket, but this aint your daddies wonder women, this is more Sons of Anarchy than Daughter of Themyscira.

The Aquaman Jacket follows a similar logic to the Wonder Women, where this time its a military style and the stitching forms a trident on the back. I guess in the words of my favorite incarnation of Aquaman OUTRAGEOUS ! This to me is my favourite of the five.



The Cyborg bomber jacket, is another beast all together, this one is truly for the brave and the bold. The Justice League logo is affixed clearly on the back, patterned print on the sleeves and in case you needed it  “Cyborg” printed clearly on the chest.

I am 100% sure I could not pull this one off, though it does remind me a little of the Jay Garrick look from the Flash Tv Series. Its bright red faux leather, with a Flash logo, and some strategically placed lightning bolts , its fun and fresh thats true just probably not for me.

In true Batman fashion this jacket looks to be bold yet subtle.  With clean lines forming the logo on the front. To be honest this jacket looks more Red Hood than Batman, but I am a fan.


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