The Last Jedi Trailer break down

I picked up this quote from the newsroom: Act One: Get Character Up a Tree. Act Two: Throw Rocks. Act Three: Get Character Down. That perfectly sums up the original trilogy and thats how I see this new trilogy. The force awakens saw our plucky young heroes set out on this grand adventure and climb the tree, in the last Jedi it looks like we are going to throw some big ass rock at them. This trailer sent some serious chills up my spine and honestly I am just glad I got my tickets bought this morning and cannot wait to see this movie. Its amazing that after all this time I can still get excited by a Star Wars picture.

This film feels so much more cinematic than all the previous installments, even this single opening shot of what I assume is Kylo Ren (im guessing by the hair) just standing gazing out the window. I do not know why but its a simple yet quite striking shot, that helps signify that we have entered a darker period in the star wars mythos.

I honestly swear that they are trying to draw comparisons with Empire strikes back by having the line up of ATAT

Now the trailer moves onto Rey training, we don’t see much new material with this but I am loving the current look of the lightsabers during the day time.

If you look closely you can see that the hand is damaged. Later in the trailer you will see what i think is Luke climbing out of rubble in what I suppose is his destroyed temple.

I am just assuming this is Reys test to see if she would fall to the dark side, like Luke did in Empire Strikes back.

I really can not get over the cinematography of this film, there are so many beautiful meticulous shots with excellent use of light and shadow, its really bringing something completely new to Star Wars.

We the fans have suspected that Rey held an incredible power within her and I think Luke is finding out for himself first hand.

We here can see Luke and his utter terror at what Rey represents and his fear that she could be the next Kylo. He should head master Yoda’s advice to his father:

 Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

I presume this is a battle scar from the previous film, its nice that he kept these reminders of his pain. The pain which he draws on, pain which helps fuel his connection to the dark side and make him an even more ferocious villain in this film.

I love the Tie Silencer, its like an updated Tie Interceptor and is probably the second coolest ship to come out of the new films.

I am really wondering is Kylo going to kill his mother in this film…. It would be a logical if not sad choice.

The Porg will most likely be this year’s must-have toy. If that isn’t your thing then you can always go after the ice fox like thing at the end of the trailer personally I think LET THE WOOKIE WIN, always.

As much as I love the Tie Silencer like I said its always number two, what can top Poe’s Black X-Wing.

This scene makes me wonder has Finn gone undercover to save his friend, sabotage the first order or has he just defected and finally gets a show down with Captain Phasma. i may have pee’d a little when this happened

Now we have our fist proper look at Snoak in his Gold Robes. I will go into much more detail about him in another post but to sum it up there is a theory that is he the opposite of a Force Ghost.

As we can see here it looks like he is torturing Rey. Or possible Syphoning off her force powers so he might become stronger. Dont forget what Han said in the previous film about Snoke to his son: Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he’ll crush you. You know it’s true.

These final pictures need to be seen together, its it what it seems or is it clever editing. But it looks like Rey and Kylo may end up teaming up at in this picture.

This is how you do a trailer, it teases you wanting more, in fact we know even less than when we started and we just want more. So hurry up December because I wanna see this movie so bad. Sighs.


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