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Szechuan lovers need not worry for McDonalds heard your pleas.

So the holy saviour of capitalism has come down from its McNugget shaped cloud to bless the mass consumer with Szechuan sauce. After Saturdays debacle, which to me seemed more like a test run to see if there was actually any want for the sauce, McDonald’s have decided to bring it back this winter. Though some people are now wondering why not bring it back permanently, well I still think this is part of the trial to see if its got staying power. over all this is a very shrewd business move. McDonald’s had the Rick and Morty hype, then they created a mass hype and now they are doing a test, well played McDonalds, so I just want to know will the UK be receiving this sauce too?

Speaking of shrewd businessmen I have to say the people selling the unopened packs on ebay are kinda of geniuses, we are talking about packs going for up to $200, though now that McDonald’s are doing a full release on Rick Sanchez himself would pay that fee.

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