Overwatch Halloween event 2017

Its that time of year again, Overwatch has released its Halloween terror skins and this year they really don’t disappoint, unless your main is DVA (sadly thats me though I m currently playing Attack Torb, yes it can work but only in certain situations ).  The choices of Pirates, Vampires, dragons and Vikings will not leave you wanting, well actually you will be left wanting the skins so kiddos you better start playing and getting those boxes.

First off we have Ana in her Buncciner skin, which is based on a costume she had in one of the Overwatch comics, so its a nice touch to all the hardcore fans out there who have been following Overwatch in every possible media.
It wouldnt be Halloween without a vampire and here we have Reaper in a Dracula style costume and well this just looks bad ass. There is just something about it that maybe gives him a classy costume, as opposed to last years Pumpkin one.

Where there is a vampire then there must be a hunter and here we have a Van Helsing type outfit for everyones favourite cyborg cowboy.

The 80’s themed costume is just garish but in the best way possible, though still not my favourite.

Everyones favourite spawn of Satan is now dressed a jiangshi, also known as a Chinese “hopping” vampire. I like that culturally they have given her something very distinct from any of the western characters plus the skin is adorable.

Having a Cthulhu, especially for some who floats and has mystical powers, is just epic, this is one of my three favorite costumes to be released this year and one I am hoping to unlock ASAP.

Some may call this culturally offensive but I have to say, its a fucking viking and yes I want.

Last but not least we have Symmetra. This is hands down the best costume that came out this year, with the feet, the wings even her own molten core, this is a gorgeous costume.

As much as I love all these costumes if someone had to ask me witch is best, thats right witch is best, I would pick

Nothing will ever beat Mercy’s Witch costume.



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