Comics/Graphic Novels

Boom! Box presents: Slam the Next Jam #2

With Knockout back in action, coaching now, while still juggling everything else in her life she has gone from one of the most sought after girls to one of the most despised in the leagues history. Not only is she feeling the ire of most of her team but she is now struggling with a new friendship that might me more than she bargained for. On the other side of the spectrum Cancan is still dealing with her injury and still feels left out by whats happening around her.

This issue really stuck out for me by dealing with the fact that women sometimes need to sexualise themselves to get attention. Now I am not saying that men never have to do this, I am saying its more often women than men that need to do this. But as a male reader its important that we take note of these issues and appreciate our role in opposing this.

In the end as a male reader I can really appreciate this series, that and any book thats willing to incorporate the line – ‘i cant compete with the magical Vaginal’s – is ok with me.

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