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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13 Comic Book Review


This series keeps getting better and better and I really look forward to every new release by the writers. My hats off to them, they took the story of the Power Rangers, which though I adore, is pretty fucking stupid, well they took that and they made it brilliant, relevant and compelling. The added depth and power to this world and combining this with gorgeous, detailed and vibrant art has helped create one of my favourite ongoing series of these recent years. So even if the film sucks, which I am still not sure about, I will still have these wonderful books, which if anything are a real love letter to both the original series and the fans of it, old and young.

This issue picks up when things are really getting heated, we get 100% confirmation on who the new villain is, though several key players in this darkest timeline have yet to reveal themselves, such as Jason, Alpha and Zordon, we can only assume they they are all dead. But now we have the classic innocent self take on the twisted darker self in this epic battle, which has been brewing since the first book. Tommy’s doubt in himself literally foreshadowed everything that has happened and its pretty amazing that they have crafted this story in a franchise that was never really know for its deep thought provoking writing.

A great series that anyone should pick up, even if you’re not a Power Rangers fan I think you will be hooked, especially since a very good friend of mine recently stole my copy and they don’t even like comics, so I guess the proofs in reading on this one guys!

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