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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 Comic Book Review

With Lord Drakkon’s identity finally confirmed in the previous issue we see how one choice can alter the course of a world forever . This is the reality where Tommy ran back to Rita instead of standing against her. The Easter eggs continue to come thick and fast, you see so many zord’s, other Rangers, support characters and a few other surprises. I have to say that this Darkest Timeline is really enthralling you can’t help but be drawn into this dark twisted world.


Oddly enough even with limited action this comic book series has pulled me in. In a world where more and more bullies are coming to power through simply being bigger, louder and brasher than their opponents (I am taking this brief break to point out that this is not a dig at President Trump, this is a dig at politics which are far more local to myself) it’s nice to be reminded that giving up is not an option. I think that’s the beauty of this world in the comics, Rita gains a lot of ground through brute force but in the end it’s through apathy that she really gains control. What’s the old saying :

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.


Now I must stress I am not out right calling anyone an evil dictator, or sorceress, those things have yet to be proven. Where the series initially began about choice and making the right or making the easy choice its now become about how our choices define us and how they define the world around us. That and super powered colourful ninja people of varied ethnicity beating the shit out of evil space monsters. At least no one can ever call this series dull. This issue will not be a happy one but all the fans are going to love this it.



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