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Batwoman Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review


The Batwoman is back in her own series for Dc Comics and I have to tell you it’s a real joy to see Miss Kane in action again. If you’re a fan of her, and who isn’t then this issue will not offer you much other than some gorgeous art and a few little nods to what you already know, while if you’re new to DC and you’rr looking for someone who is a little less traditional then this is the comic boook for you. This issue goes about retelling all the major events in her past while laying the ground for her own solo adventure. We see Batwoman go from a scared little girl, to a warrior woman and all the places she finds strength and how she learned to become the fully rounded and capable hero she is today. I really want to say more but this needs to be short and sweet or I will give away more details than I care to, all I can say is this issue though light on content,already has me hooked.


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