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The Wild Storm #1 Comic Book Review


As soon as I saw the words Wild Storm followed by Garth Ennis my wee heart went a flutter. DC is pulling together a few off their lesser known characters for this new series and so far I am impressed. These ‘new’ characters are ones that would have come over from the Wind Storm universe, so far three out of four of the characters I have recognised have been from Wild C.A.T.S while the forth is from the Stormwatch/Authority line. I really can’t say much about these characters and their goals just yet because frankly we don’t know much all I can tell you about is who they previously where and what their abilities where. Now I must stress all this may end up being thrown out the window, like I said this is a new series with a lot of changes, this article is just to give you a little taste of what is to come.

The Engineer


This is her in her original form, the new form is far more ‘Iron Man’ in look

Out of all the characters reintroduced to us in this series it’s Angela Spica aka The Engineer. The original Engineer was a Villain, Angela would later take on and redeem the mantle when she joined The Authority. Though this Angela is very different, in her original form she was a very sexual character who was very open about her body. The Engineer is argumentatively one of the most powerful characters in modern comics, with an incredibly high intelligence that is further augmented by nanotechnology in her body which allows her to fly and to create anything she can imagine.

Lord EMP


Jacob Marlowe is a powerhouse he is :

*Virtual Immortality
*Superhuman strength and durability
*Capable of generating large amounts of energy

Never let his stature or appearance full you as this small and kindly old man is a hardened warrior. Currently he runs the Halo corporation using his advanced technological knowledge and he can easily gain a competitive edge in the market place.



An ex-soldier with exceptional skills and a few inhuman ones too, fans will remember him as the Boy-Idiot from the Flash Point Paradox. He has served with several teams, has a quick wit and is willing to use deadly force. His powers have in the past included.-

*Expertly adept at hand-to-hand combat
*Excellent marksman with both firearms and thrown weapons
*Possesses powerful psi powers (usually dormant)
*Accelerated healing factor

I have always been a fan of this guy and his design, even if it reminds me a little now of the Red Hood.



Originally an exotic dancer now I think some sort of cyber terrorist, that has yet to be revealed. Voodoo (Priscilla Kitaen) is part human and part Daemonite (an alien race currently fighting  secret war on Earth). She has a variety of powers, depending on who you ask :

*Power beam
*The Sight allows her to recognize Daemonite-possessed humans
*Regenerative healing factor
*Can shapeshift into a beast-like form
*Voodoo magic
*Control over magnetic fields

She is headstrong, very liberal and an expert martial artist. The character could add a little controversy to a very bland world and will be welcomed back by fans. The change from stripper to hacker, if she even is a hacker, that I am not sure of is a welcomed change and helps define and make the character fit into the modern world. It makes the character less of a sexual object and more of a well rounded and modern character.

Halo Corporation

This was a corporation founded and controlled by Jacob Marlowe. It allows Emp to further his own personal goals plus with all his knowledge and alien technology it really gives him an edge on the competition.



When Ennis was asked about the series he had this to say: “generating four titles (and a surprise or two)”…”Four books over two years. And on the first month of year three one book will become another.”

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