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Ladycastle #1 (OF 4) Comic Book Review

I am always on the look out for something new to draw me in, a new series that is ever so different, something unique and in Ladycastle I may have found my latest love.  Right from the start its art work had me drawn right in. It’s vibrant, colourful, beautiful and so engaging, while at the same time it’s never over defined and never overwhelming, it walks a fine line between both these extremes and it does so perfectly. Opening with its once upon a time shot it’s very fairytale like and acts asa nice homage to so many stories from the past.  The art work was enough to make me want more and as for the more well:


Our princess almost seems to be a parody of Rapunzel, if you have never seen Tangled I stand by previous claims that Rapunzel would be the best house mate ever, but I digress, our opening shots seems to be more of a parody of the song ‘When will my life begin’, than anything else. Our princess has dreams but sadly since the age of 12 her father the King has kept her locked up so she can stay pure, but things are about to rapidly change for all the players in this story. When King Mancastle and his army ride off to battle they expected to arrive home mostly intact the only problem is when you end up crossing paths with a dragon and a curse that leaves all but one of you dead and the castle undefended, someone’s gotta pick up the slack.


Hence forth Ladycastle is founded where all the women of the land and one bumbling knight are left to defend what’s theirs. I like this story, even if the plot is very high fantasy, the characters work really well and it’s an interesting take on the damsel in distress. I know some people may criticise them for having a male teacher, in the form of a useless knight, but everyone needs to learn from someone. In the end this looks to be a fun and fresh series that I will be following closely.

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