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Namesake #1 (OF 4) Comic Book Review

When I first read about Namesake I had to dive on in and take a look, written by Steve Orlando, who you may know from Supergirl: Rebirth and Midnighter has produced this original series about a world beyond our own and Alchemy… I had to know more. The book is a look at what it means to have an identity and how that defines you all the while set against this fantastical background, it’s a very compelling read. Every 7 years our world and and the world of Ektae align and this allows passage between the worlds. Unlike our world Ektae practices Alchemy and this leads to a lot of differences between us and them. Jordan Mollasus is a firefighter, an everyday hero, who has an extraordinary origin story. His family is from Ektae, he hardly knows his family or his homeland all he has is his career and pseudo boyfriend, it’s hard to tell how serious they are, perhaps this stems from his own personal issues. One day he returns home to find a package from his dead mother, this package contains a heartfelt apology that really tugs on your emotional heart strings and will make you a little weepy. Now Jordon is to set off on a quest to bury his families ashes in a place special to them, the only problem is it’s on Ektae.


The book is just beautiful. The art work is gorgeous and different from most books I am currently reading through. But beyond the art work it’s a fascinating story about a man coming to terms with who his mother and father are and how that makes him the man he is. These are powerful themes especially since I guess we all define ourselves by the people who brought us into this world, their sins and benevolence will follow us for our whole lives whether we like it or not. Another nice touch is that our main character is gay and it’s not his defining feature he simply just is and that is how it should be, we are more than a one dimensional stereotype and this book drives that home perfectly. This issue contains a great message and a wonderfully unique story and I really cannot wait to read more.

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