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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6 Comic Book Review

The Rangers are back for another go in this epic saga which has seen our favourite nineties teenagers with attitudes updated into their new 21st century format. The stakes are higher than ever in this new story, the command center has been destroyed, Zordon is gone, Alpha 5 is possibly destroyed and one of their own team has been taken. Things are leaking very bleak for our tenacious teens and their chances for a victory are slim to none, what with their entire support and tech expertise gone, what will the Rangers do?


Issue six really kicks things up a notch, the stakes are higher than ever before. Up until now the Rangers have taken on forces that they can beat but this time around I am sure how they will come out on top. With a new monster and Rita’s plots and schemes finally coming to fruition it’s going to take a miracle for the team to win. Even though we know they are going to win it’s still exciting to read, which is a real testament to the quality of the storytelling.


As always the art is spectacular, gorgeous and vivid, I don’t know how but they really managed to make the original costumes look anything but lame and each monster design just seems to get better and better, much like the series itself. I really cannot get enough of these books and cannot stress how great they are.


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