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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7 Comic Book Review


I love giant robots, readers you may not know it but you also love giant robots and this comic book series is full of them. The latest issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finds our multicoloured heroes in greater peril than ever before. The black dragon has struck at the very heart of our heroes defenses and left them with practically nothing, no Zordon, no morphing grid, no weapons, no Billy and their own Zords being used against them. The Rangers only hope is the mistrusted Green Ranger who is doing everything he can to prevent the world from ending but he isn’t alone, even without their powers the Power Rangers are still willing to fight!powerrangers_007_press-3

We now get to see our desperate heroes delve into a plan that has little to no chance of working, but desperate times call for desperate measures and the Rangers are truly desperate. Alpha 5 has been destroyed, Zordon is MIA and Billy is being held hostage in the dark dimension all the while Rita gloats to the entire Earth that she has won and no one can stop her. Look I know for a fact that she is going to loose, but it’s how that I need to see. Our heroes are up shit creek and they have no chance of winning but they will and the fact that I am so suckered in, well that’s good storytelling so guys seriously if you’re a Power Rangers fan, pick this series up and give it a read.


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