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Supergirl #1 Comic Book Review

I won’t lie as this one is a little heart breaking,while this story is a sad one it’s not a bad one either, in fact this may be one of the best books that DC have put out in their current Rebirth comic book series. This is the ultimate fish out of water story, Kara is a stranger in a strange land, someone who is smarter than all her peers but the fact that we are so primitive makes her look stupid, not only that but she has lost everything, her home, her family and her culture. As much as it would suck for me suddenly becoming the last surviving member of my family, but to looe your entire species, I couldn’t even fathom what that would be like. the loneliness could easily turn anyone bitter and angry. I mention this because this is what we are finally seeing, not full on anger but the bitterness is defiantly there, we the readers know that Kara has a good soul and a big heart and this unfortunately could be the worst scenario as a big heart is easily broken as it is harder to defend.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead.


This issue picks up where we last left our intrepid interplanetary heroine, she has finally regained her powers and is in the process of beginning to seize her birth right and show Earth that the House of El represents hope. The entire issue lacks any villain instead making the old choice to show Kara trying to adapt to our world. Personally I liked this touch, you have shots of her life now and her life back in Argo City. The writers have even taken this opportunity to fill us in on Kryptonian society and perhaps a human view of it. Meanwhile we get to see Kara’s view of human society through the eyes of her alter ego, it adds a nice and unique contrast.

Several aspects of the Supergirl Tv series have been rolled over into this new book

Several aspects of the Supergirl Tv series have been rolled over into this new book

This is a very different book but it’s great, it’s taking the time to build to something and in this modern world few mediums take the time to establish and build their stories up. While this book takes its time it also introduces us to the Danvers family, Kat Grant and the DEO, all things that will help further tie this run in with current TV series, if you’re not a fan of the CW Network TV series don’t let this put you off, it’s its own monster and it’s a pretty cool one at that. In short it’s a pretty gripping story with gorgeous colourful and vibrant art and the tease of a pretty big villain. I highly recommend you read this issue now because trust me you won’t regret it.


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