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Cyborg: Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review


The father son dichotomy is one of the longest running themes throughout the comic book landscape and no where is this stronger than with Cyborg. I know you could say Batman and Superman are living up to their fathers ideals, but in their cases they are remembering a shadow of a ghost as they never actually interact with their fathers, in fact it’s their fathers deaths that motivate them. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner,  Dick Grayson, Hal Jordon and Dardevil all fall into the dead dad category and don’t get me started on dead mothers…

Cyborg was not spurned on by his dead mother but he has the unfortunate obligation of working with his very much live father, a father he has a strained relationship with. In the current DC universe this relationship has been some what changed, before Cyborg was a jock and his father despised that, here he is seen in a much more sympathetic light, which helps add a few layers of depth to the character. Not only does our charming charismatic cybernetic hero have to deal with his distant dad but he also has to deal with himself, or what has become of him. He is more machine than man now and the question is asked where does the man end and the machine begin. Are these additions to his body just like prosthetic’s or is it something more?

Not only does this issue ask some pretty heavy questions, questions that people have pondered for a while about the nature of man and the bonds between parents and their children, but it has some kick ass action. We get to see Cyborg take on an enemy that at every turn overwhelms him, but after each attack he rises up and fights back harder and smarter. Cyborg is a true hero and as technology advances he will slowly become one of the world’s most relevant heroes and I am glad that in these last few years he is being given the respect he finally deserves. This issue hits the mark perfectly and was a real page turner so go check it out.

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