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The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

The British badass spell caster is back and he is bringing his own unusual style to the DC landscape. That’s right boys and girls- John Constantine has made his triumphant return to the DC landscape in this outrageous tale that totally fits, it’s subtle yet over the top style. Choosing to leave America because of his hate for Donald Trump John decides to return to merry old England only there is one thing standing in his way, a demon, a very powerful one, how will our trench coat wearing protagonist defeat this powerful foe? It’s not for me to say so pick up the book and you will enjoy this breath of fresh air in the DC Landscape.


This is only an introduction or reintroduction to the character so there is not to much I want to say just yet, I would really rather you read the book. The art is fantastic and it’s hard to explain but there is a certain whimsical yet realistic look to, it’s almost that it’s less angular but it makes it stand out from the rest of the DC books that I am reading at the moment. Even the story is very different as the stakes are just as high as the regular books but the quick witted super hero quips you get are sarcastic as he says what he feels all the time even if it’s not articulated or wise. Another major draw to this issue is that it is firmly part of the DC pantheon especially with cameos by 3 other note worthy heroes, do not worry they don’t take any light away from our one true hero, if that’s what you can call him.

So John is back and as usual he is stumbling forward in the dark not really knowing what he is doing, yet knowing enough that he always comes out on top. It’s a great reintroduction to the character especially for newer readers who are not too familiar with him, so if you want a not so regular super hero produced by the 1 of the big two big  comic powerhouses then this is the comic series for you.

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